Monday, December 14, 2009

Aint no more blue up in my sky, only cloudy mornings and tears like rain you left behind

Goodluck on your trip Seika!
And so, my hair was screwed + eyes swollen today, had a bad day.
I want to go sleep, hahaha.
Met seika and bedok inter, then went to bugis together, then met Nikki, Jiahui and so on.
HSH @ 7 plus.
P.S, Grace, help me check when is my next working slot, tks.
(Edits) Okay, im grounded this whole week for going out too much, except for Fridays, saturdays and sundays cause im going to ecp.
Sorry for cancelling all outings with you guys babez.
Sorry sorry to Mich and Fil! And not forgetting, Peiwen.

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