Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi guys !
Im sorry for not posting that long. ):
Was really busy. Started working now, and its really tiring. I don't think i can cope much longer anymore. Today i worked from 9am - 12 pm, 3pm - 9pm. BUT LUCKILY, my lovely friends bought drinks and we share. Loves everyone @ ic ! :D:D
Im glad skye slapped norman's face. HAHAHA
I wonder how mengteck cope everyday. He works 12 hours everytime he works. (O>O)
Btw, QQ and i walked to the bus stop around 9.20pm, so i went to buy bubble tea. But then @ the bus stop, i left my HP with him, so no HP.
My laptop are having abit viruses, so some of your blogs, i can't tag. Im sorry. Plus, i can't post pic cause of virus. I will call Uncle Francis to fix it, BYE! :D

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