Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 oct.
Went IC with seika + freelable work.

Hi guys, requested to update my blog. ^^
Im seriously too lazy to update, LOL. Pictures are mahfan. Im so lazy nowadays. O:
Today went to IC. Gawt, i did so little stuff, but still tired. My body aching. }:
I don't know what should i do now, hmm. I shall let the nature take its course.

12 oct.
The end of PSLE.

After not drenched. All dry up. LOL

Kimmy, me and seika.

Kimmy and me drenched from the rain. O:

Me and seika.

Joy and kimmy.

Angel and me.

6 oct.
Parkway for lunch after PSLE eng paper. I think.

4 oct.

2 oct.
Scott playing with my clip. :D

1 oct.
No more childrens day. }:
Study date with sharm.

30 sep.
Officially sports day carnival.

Sweet couples. ~

Seika, eling and me. {:

Me and wen.
Im not only yellow house, im mixed. Im red, yellow, green and blue house. :D
Bleah, i don't know where my green sticker went. O:


Me and dongsaeng. :D

23 sep.
Yellow hse dance prac.

While going home. HOHO~

Eling and I.

22 sep.
Random, trying to skip Miss Tan's lesson. :D

19 sep.
Some pictures is with sharm, LOLOL. Study date w/ sharm. <3

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