Friday, August 21, 2009

Had psle oral.
Went out with eling, seika, adam and auggie.
School--->PP--->Home--->PP--->Suntec--->Marinasquare--->Kampong arang--->Home.
Watched ' Up ' . Seriously, its damn sad la. :c
I almost cried lo. But i scared auggie and eling see so i didn't cry.

me and ling.
me, ling and seika.
ling and seika.
me and lingg.
adam and me. his face damn weird when take pic sia.
noob dam and me.
me and seika !
left to right, tallest to shortest.
left to right, slowest to fastest.
seika and me.
me, auggie and adam.
auggie naughty naughty smoking.
ling, me and seika.
looking at the building !
seika, eling, auggie and adam. ling scared to sit near. LOL.
seika, me, auggie and adam.
seika and jenn.
me and ling. she talking on the phone, LOL.

went PP after PSLE chinese oral..
Sorry zhiwei ! But i can't accept ok !
I won't accept understand ! :c
I only love ' d '. <3

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