Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry for not posting that so many days ! If i have readers then sorry. O:

Hmm, went to PP with Auggie ! :D
We went at like 5pm + , went home at 6.40pm +.
He treat me to play arcade, so kind. (: We chilled at coffee bean ?

Blahblah nagged by miss tan. -.-

Lc. Chinese piece of nuts, english piece of shit.
And now i got the detention form ! hip hip hooray.
Its on september ? Like what the fuck. ==
I just left it in class, and got scolded by mumm.
Oh my god la. Its gonna be his birthday in two more days and im freaking out everyday..

Me and diana.
Unglam me with my current hair. I miss old hair. :C

Me and diana!

Bebe. LOL.

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