Friday, August 14, 2009

Scott and half blocked face monaky. KUKUMAN.

Me and Filza.

Baby at giant ! :D

Me and Filza.

Me making linhui's cookies. So hardworking ! :D

Me and linhui.

Linhui's cake before smashed by us.
Well, today got into trouble, i bet the p6's, p2's, p5's and ass p1's knows alr.
But then i heard that Mrs Pawa is announcing at the hall on Monday.
TADAAAAAA, happy happy.
I think im getting detention and beige form / orange form for vandalism. Which doesn't make any sense at all.
Btw, I love Mrs Pawa la. She's damn kind can.
Handphone can't be on @ school compound.
She gave me back my wallet and handphone.
I thought that my handphone is gonna get confiscated AGAIN. Cause its alr my spare handphone im using. :C
Adam got scolded harshly by Mrs Cheng. He and Jenice went to bathe, Mrs Cheng say very smelly.
After maths period, Me, Scott, Monaky, Shyan hao, Jenice and Timo, wanted to go water cooler @ level 2.
Then later Mrs Cheng was there, then lectured Scott about respect blahblah. I heard she's there and i stink like fcking creamy / smelly cause i didn't bathe. So i went to take Adam's soap and ran to Mrs Cheng, i haven't even say anything she say i very smelly. She said Adam made her room smelly of cake. So she asked me to bathe.
So i asked Jenice go get for me and general office whilte im taking my time. :D
Then later the general office lady said that THERE IS NO MORE TOWEL.
Common, office only two towels enough for Jenice and Adam ?!
This is fcking disgusting la please, i use my hands and tissue to wipe myself and wear my uniform and stuff. (-.-)
Plus my hair is wet eh. I used my P.E which is filled with cake, but little la. And use it to scrub my hair. LUCKILY MRS CHENG BEFORE LECTURING ADAM ASK ME, MONIK AND LINHUI CHANGE ANOTHER UNIFORM AH. LATER I USE HAND TO SCRUB MY HAIR ! :@
LOL, you know what ? Mrs Ong today wearing white right ? We play with the cake until the canteen chairs have, i think she sat at the kena chair. Then her butt got cake. HAHA.
Monaky heard Mrs Pawa : Anne anne, ( whatever spelling ) , there's something behind you !!
Then after filling up the reflection form with Monaky, Linhui, Adam, we saw Mrs Ong wearing a cardigan. HAHA. \
I love Mrs Pawa. :D
I rather she be the next Principal than Mrs Ong. Like no offence ?
Collecting my confiscated handphone @ 30 August. :C
Im gonna get scolded by Wes. :C He is alr nagging me through the phone, i wonder he come home how ?
Jenice got played by her father. Never get scolded.
Linhui who is so scared that parents scold. Never get scolded.
Monik also scared father but in the end father laugh at her. Never get scolded.
Adam, idk. LOL.

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