Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Linhui and me.
Dacie's ugly dirty hand again.
Dacie's ugly dirty hand.

Me and dacie.

My 200th post. :D
Today's oral prelims is screwed. -.-
Sad afiq, dear friend, cheer up la, wish your all my lucks ok ! (:
Its just prelims anw. HAHAHAH.
Damn, i heard chinese oral very hard. The pic like movie ticket booth ?
But then they say tmr's chinese picture will change. I NEVER SEEN A PICTURE OF A MOVIE TICKET BOOTH.
I like carpenter's song !! Although she pass away, her songs are old folk song, ITS STILL NICE.
My favourite is, Yesterday Once More. SO NICEEEEEEE !
Have you ever cared about my feelings ? I care much for you yet you treat me as a friend.

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