Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yesterday went to WWW with seika, so fun.
Then uh, went to e hub,wanting to watch Unborn, but then don't have. So wanted to watch the Confessions of a shopaholic, then was thinking just go arcade play until like siao. Then uh, went arcade play the DDR, wth la that thing. Is only 3rd version, ECP one is 7th version, then go try catch toy, cannot catch, PLUS made one tapz card there. LOL.
Then went to ecp, cab there. Went to it at City Foods. THE YAKITORI is freakin' nice ok, DIE DIE MUST TRY.
Then went virtual land, going there the time saw my bro and his friends, lol. Then when reach virtual land, played all those catch toy game. ME AND SEIKA caught THE STICH ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA, then i went to spend all my money playing the sweet game. Then won jackpot, won one Baby Faz (looney toons) and one dog in a paper bag. Total 3 toys ! Seika only have one, TEEHEE.
Then my brother go virtual land also, Minmin and Yeweng go play the DDR, my brother also. Then Darren others all go play the basket ball. Me and seika left first, then we went to funland, but eling there like siao, so left. That timing islike 8.50, then seika go toilet, saw my brother AGAIN, he ask me help him take pic at the fountain, then i took lo. Took alot for them. Then seika bro come fetch her off. I went to join eling they all. I went to funland from 9 - 11. Wait for my bro finish inline culture, LOL.
Then actually Red bought cake but put downstairs, they celebrating at 12 SHARP, but too bad me and bro left. Cause Red also know my bro. Then left lo. I pass my bro all the toys so he can act is his. Now he DON'T WANNA GIVE ME BACK. This is called, EVILLLL !
Only took a few pic(s). Post later or tmr ?

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