Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Took one picture with him man ! His hair is still GROOVY.
He told me he went to sports school, he got muscle man !
He said that the temasek pri made him lose his taste, he SAID that one week go temasek, one week go sports school, haha. And he said that temasek primary school, the prettiest girl there looks like a mangrove. And during PP, he said talked about OWEN again, LOL.
When in chinese class, here is what happen. Take a look. LOL.
he said.
Owen : (holding his pencil case) Give me bak my sittt nooow !
Nathan : Wheres your name on the sit ?!
Owen : I said, give me back my sittttt nooow !
Nathan : I SAID, wheres your name ?!
( Owen gets angry and uses his pencil to poke Nathan, Nathan go act then said )
Nathan : ARGH ! So pain, emergency, EMERGENCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( Owen gets scared )
Teacher : What HAPPEN ?
Nathan : Owen poke me with his pencil !!!! And it hurts !!!!!!!!!!!
( Teacher bring Owen to principal office, Owen gets his canning. Then when go back class.. )
Nathan : Now you want your sit ?!

LOL, freakin funny right. Most funny is the accent of Nathan. He is freakin funny.
I ask him why his hair like that, he say he is a good teacher, he taught his hair to curl.
But his annoying mother change her mind. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !
I bought one ring for me and one ring for Seika. Carved L.O.V.E and a heart shape.

Post pictures when my laptop bluetooth is fixed. BYE !

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