Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the best method is ; ANTI-KEVIN
Today after chinese dance,
went to bubble tea shop, the new one, sweet talk. Then went to ale's house. Walked pass a little small tiny cat, which is adorable ok ! LOL, damn freakin' cute, see the pic(s) ! :D
Then took bus with ale and july,went to PP. Played the stupid ball on water thing, INSIDE DAMN FREAKIN' HOT. Me and july wanna die already, we came out, faster anyhow wear our shoes then ran to the inside of PP. I don't know how wen survive the hotness. She say very fun, LOL.
Took one pic with my polaroid. Teeheeees. I went to buy ale's bday pressie, she likes it (: And so do i. Hahaha. THE KITTY IS ADORABLE ! If azlan's here, i bet his taking the cat home.

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