Sunday, March 29, 2009

the best method is ; ANTI-KEVIN
Oh my, ytd mc's party so fun, hahaha.
I went oral lessons from 11.30am-1.00pm. Freakin' boring w/o Jenice ! D:
That Jenice never come, so evil, leave me with those dumbo(s).
After that, straight away went to PP to buy present for MC. Haha, after buying and wrapping, went to taxi stand alone to wait for taxi, LONG QUEUE. Suddenly bren called me and ask me where i am, i said im at PP, she asked me to go Long John Silver, met them, then lent kenneth $50. I dont' think he will return me ==
Then headed to MC's house, hugged tia, cin, waileng, jean, ting. Hahahahhahaha.
Kenneth and Bren useless, anyhow buy pressie for MC !!
Hahahahha, then went down to swimming pool, wait for the Jenny to come, then ihad to go tuition, left. Went stupid borin' tuition, came back. Played water balloons ! KENNETH STOLED BALLOONS FROM OUR GROUP ! Then daniel and GH stole back, hahaha. LOSERS.
I never took any pic(s), only me and random people.

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