Saturday, February 28, 2009

the best method is ; ANTI-KEVIN
Sorry people, long time no post ):
Happy belated girlfrienday CINDY !
Haha, so bored.

Maths - 74
Chinese - 70.5
Science - 72
English - UNKNOWN. lol.

Yesterday so fun, went playground, played like so fun with wen, eling, navjeet, angel, july, izwan, siti and khairahni i think, sorrry for wrong spelling. IM GOING THERE EVERY FRI !

Will post pictures next time, pic(s) in my phone, but then using my brother's computer, no bluetooth, lol. Next time bluetooth in my laptop ! :D

Anyway, just now 11 went school for Oral class, fight with Darren, Edward, Siding, Matthew, Raymous, Andrew, those fckin' group of boys, lol. But Edward is fine though, haha. Fought cause they throw all Jenice's stuff, then i throw their stuff (: Edward was not angry , hahaha.So do i.

Oh yeah, last time me and wen watch the movie ' The Coffin ' . Oh maybe your didn't know, but nevermind. Then that time that movie came out, got one movie called ' Painted Skin '.
It sound like scary movie, but its not that scary. First part boring but last part damn freaking sad, then happpy ending, always like that. SO NICE ! Almost cried, watch it man. But disc haven't come out, i got the disc, shhh ! If my darlinqs wanna watch tell me uh !

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