Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the best method is ; love ♥
my MUM's birthday ytd, tooook pictures, but lazy, haha.
so bored, i hate posting now a days, i felt so bored about it.
going on msn too.
lalalalala, today was so freakin tired, i don't think now i can do chinese and maths hw.
i got pe, so tired, then go ecp for science stupid stuff, then went tuition from 2.40 to4.50 , then went back old house do some stuff, reach home 5.38, went another tuition opposite my house at 6.30, had tuition till 9 , then went home, had dinner at 9.15 , finished at 9.45 +, now posting.
SHIT RIGHT, I HATE PSLE LA. i hate bosco from chinese class la, so act COOOL.

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