Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the best method is ; love ♥
Thanks for tags my lovely friends .
Nice meh, so disgusting. YUCK, feeling disgusted.
Mrs Tang right, when she's there then i clip. she gone i take out, and i heard MOE doesn't allow teacher's to cut girls hair, WTF ? Are the teacher's scaring us or what.
Today i changed place wit fatty dean , danica's so called hubby, then i sat wit dexter, quite coool, don't really think his a molester, teeheees. Then its like, i thought sit far away from linhui makes them like ignore me, cause i sit at boys side, then im always the ' left out ' one. But doesn't matter la, now i sit behind linhui, and they are like treating me invisible like normal, weird. So i only talk to monik, sarah and dexter , garangghuni* and babu. Adam keeps spamming my phone in Miss Tan's CLASS ! It SUCK man. Then i saw linhui and jenice staring at each other and laughing, weird, if people doesn't knows them might think that they are les man. No offence *
Slept in Mrs Prem's class. She quite ok la.
And i know who dexter likes ! MUAHAHHAHA, he ask me help him. Seriously, ithink his kinda ugly though.
Haha, reply tags la. THANK YOU PEOPLE, i love my skintoo !
And i got a new bus buddy !

And it is,
Surprised right, haha.
He live at wooodlands and im so fascinated, i ask him how many hours to reach home, and he said 2 hourse ! And i asked him why come this school, he say why cannot.
Tsk tsk tsk. And i thought his from china, he called me noob cause i don't play online games anymore, ARGH.

SEIKA!:D: NICE BLOGSKIN LAS MILKSHAKE<3 style="color: rgb(255, 255, 204);">reply ; LOLS, thanks la ! love MILKSHAKE!

ARMANDAA! :D: ohhs, nice handwriting la!(:
ARMANDAA! :D: hello jennifer, NICEE new skin!
reply ; Haha, no la, where got nice. Thanks !

reply ; HELLO loveee ! YEAP, walking wit bus buddy !

ALEFIYAHH:D!: && youu draw vehh niice 0hhs ?
ALEFIYAHH:D!: wh0ots ! niice skiin manns ! ((:
reply ; NOT NICE LA, ty ! I know. Up your ass turn left !

Aini: helloh JENNIFERR.
reply ; HELLO! replied tag (:

sarahling: nice skin (: cute drawings though i hardly understand them
reply ; oh, so sad. Thanks anyway.

Izen: nice blogskin!(: ps, i very long nv come ler
reply ; THANKS ! p.s , doesn't matter la, teeheees !

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