Saturday, November 8, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Hello dumbo(s), here i ammmmmmmmmmm !
Today wokeee up at 10+
ate breakfast at 11.30, then went to downtown east, wit brenda and tiaatannn :DD
my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee♥
i never take pic, but tia and brenda gott, but never post ==
Then i went to macdonalds to meet brenda & tiaa at 12.30, then sat wit esther and themm,
mr.faiZal bought a wasabi filet o' fish, yummy, he say he don't wanna eat fish or something, then ask esther whether she wants, then HE say inside he added chilli sauce and esther doesn't like chilli, then he gave meee, freeee lunch !
So after eating, went to the stadium, so boring, cause people blocking can't see, so we went ehub, shop shop eat eat , want watch movieee, brenda next week watching so never watch, then went zone-x or whtever arcadeee, play, mostly brenda mama pay :D
then we neoprintt, pic wit brendaaa, she left at 3.40 +
then left me and tiaa,i onlyleft $1 ,tia $11 , then we begged money from people, so called junwei $2, he doesn't havee money == and leon, $2.10 , don't have money too ==
spend it on neoprint again ! MUAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAA.
went home at 4.50 , tia 5.15 +
taggy taggy taggy ;DDD

♥izen: erm hi.long time no see.hehe
♥izen: haiix
♥izen: heyys, jen
♥izen: jellohs!!
i love jennifer!ily!
reply ; haha, yeahh, hope can meet at mpcc, ilove you too ;D

♥ WANWEN: f*uck you b!tch! what blame me! i dun help you order arh!
reply ; what larh, like that also angryyyy !

adele(:: lyk the song (: tag pls (: if you have the time. and pls relink (:
reply ; tell me your blogg url ?

ALEFIYAHH=D!: heyy ! if th new bloq , is youur uhh , CAN INVITE MEHH ?!
ALEFIYAHH=D!: thanks !
ALEFIYAHH=D!: 0uhh , AND HAVENT RELIINK ! nehhmiind . tht ' s fer qiiviinq me 70 cents tuhhday . muahahhas =D LOTS OF LOVEEE , ALEFIYAHH=D!
ALEFIYAHH=D!: jennifer is such a NICE person x3 and ALEFIYAH lovees JENNIFER ! =D
reply ; ALEFIYAH tooo, but she annoys me too much , NOT.

Franciley: soo cute your blog!
reply ; thankyou, but you are ?

Brenda :D: heys nuer (: sounds old ;o now got stead ah.bu cuo bu cuo ;DDD
reply ; Hello mama , no larh, not olddd, ty ty . LOLS.

` J O L I E ♥: HELLOHS Tagged
reply ; Hellos, replyy you.

Cindy(:: heyyies jenn[: you got stead le didnt tell me ohhs;meanie(x
reply ; blahblahhhh, LOLS, i no meaniee !

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