Monday, August 11, 2008

Im not gonna post much this days yeah.
Very busy lately!
Because of CA2, only prmari 5 & 6's are having CA2!
That's not fair! And the calender only wrote primary 6's loh.
Never put primary 5. Bleahs.
Hate some people, hate human beings and im one of them, wth.
18august ; English.
19august ; Maths.
20august ; Mother tongue.
21august ; Science.
And no moreee! Yay! Muahaha.
170808 is SHERLYNlaoporhday. I already prepared the gift, going to give her the some day earlier.
Cause im afraid i have no time to see her next time, so is MINYEElaoporh, giving her the same day as SHERLYN. Muahaha, i scared i give the sherlyn pressie minyee like, then the pressie for minyee sherlyn like, so dont know lah!
Sorry minyee, im giving you the pressie early for one week and few days! Really sorry ><

170808 - SHERLYN.
250808 - MINYEE.
230808 - CINDY.
CHUUUU them all ;D

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