Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy lately, too baddddd.
Must do 2 test papers everday, bleahs.
So bad.
Adam wanna give me a hamster but my parents dont allow.
They are judge'ing my one and only life.
But too bad, life is like this.
I anyhow say, dont listen to my crap.
The Phrase Of The Day!
Happiness is really pretty simple.
Muahaha, lame right, i learnt it from my friend. Haha.
Every wednesday, i cannot go library anymoreeeee.
Parents are fetching me.
What the hell, i dont know what the prob wit them seh.
Nehmind, i seriously hate exams,
Reply tags!
renguo ; Sooooo! You ate chicken chunk, stupid, wit the stupid kevin, never ask me, so boob.

SHADOWY PUFF ; Lols, he flirt wit another girl lah, not meee.

aLeFiYaH ; Hello mei, i tag you le, haha, dont worry.

sarahling ; Hello chiobu mei, your chiobu too ya know. You too!

Glenn ; Sureeee, later on! Muahaha.

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