Monday, July 14, 2008

syf preview`

today got the syf preview.
the malay dancer's in our school came to watch,
they was like ngee ann ngee ann! then the finale they was like ngee ann we love you!
so SWEET! not like some people.
so boring, yi en very tired then before that so hyper so irritating, when she tired i very happy :D
then ammelie fall sick. so sad for her, hope she gets better :D
i seriously hate the fcking makeup.
its damn disgusting, especially the bun. ewwww, so sickkkoo!
i want my old classs! the old old really old 4 LOVE. they rock like ass!
i remember mdm tong teached us how to decorate the class,
now the 4 love people decorate till like cow dung. so ugly,
destroy our class!
i hate my class, got the a.k.a SHYANHAO.
hate him like siao!
even if he left in this world i will not even be his friend.
im soo damn tired,
tomorrow real want somemoreeee.
asss rightt?!
eling and ww today very funny, hahahs!
alefiyah so irritating. nehnehnipooopooo~ wts.
my brother cannot go in msn, so happy. MUAHAHAHAHA!
sports day comingg! damn excited, blue house sabo own sister.
how fcking evil is it.
not telling who, better not tell if not will MATI.

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