Tuesday, July 29, 2008

see, the necklace always wit meeeee ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
pictureeeee! so nicee ;D i LOVE it like shyt. no laugh horh.

never post pictures yesterday, cause got DEPRESSION D:
hahah, then now i post, but never decorate, damn lazy! i not like ww always decorate, bleahs.
today ww skip detention. so fun loh today, diana,haoming,guanhong,kevin,eling,seika,jiachengstupidjoshua,and meee! hahah.
so funnnn! diana wrote fuck on the whiteboard
and she blame me and say its my whiteboard. wth.
then she must go to the sick bay.

then guanhong sit near the mryeo. then he came back. so funnnn! the haoming very disgusting, but funny. i took some pictures of kevin, hehe! wearing skirt as tuubeeeeeeee. whatever the spelling.
okay, iwill post noww! and, actually i dont want to reply tags. bu
t nevermind lah.

linhui draw want, cute right ?!
during science lesson! at lab ;Dtoilet, hehe ;D
taggies !
Turtle Head ; toopid turtle head. bleahs. you then kiss him lah!

aLeFiYaH ; sureeeee ;D

jasmine ; oh, hahas okay. link you asap! ;DD

Walter ; what lah, like you never lend before right, as long as i return right ?! not like youuuuuuuuu, aren't you ashame of yourself.

CURRY PUFF HEAD ; bleahs! shhhh :X

linhui ; hello! sureeee, np. asap!

seika :D ; helloh!

Laoporh ; haha, okay. im better nowwww! ;DDD thanks for comfort anyway, ily!

CURRY PUFF HEAD ; why you keep asking same question ?

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