Monday, July 7, 2008

helloh. eling went home this morning.
she stayed over my house for 3 nights! yayye. that was really fun.
but most of the time she played maple.
now so boring
i know my blog is boring.
but its like too bad.
feel like deleting my blog. shyt right. lols.
now what ?
oh yeah. i went to the tution at 11.30.
now is nothing.
reply tags nowwwwww.

armanda ; sorry about that. busy lately. now im going to.

Cindy :D <3>

ctzxs ; yeah. i still remember you. will link you ><

jasmine:) ; npnp. i love your blog too! sureeeee :DD

jasmine:)jasmine^^ ; yeahhh. busy lately.

jasmine:) ; YOU stay pretty and chio! hahas. tyty!

Amanda ; oh yeahh. pamela's sister right. yeahhhh! sureeeee.

Walter ; oh, shut upp! i'll disturb you 4 times since i went to camp for 4 days.

jasmine:) ; sureeeeee. love you too.

StrawberryLipp ; helloh! i love you too. yeah. i love it. except for the zipline o.0

jocelyn from 5 unity ; yeah. i remember you. i slept beside you ehh. hahas. sureeee.

aLeFiYaH ; i haveeeee. NOT, after get hit by you wit your stupid pillow for nothing. hahas. was just making it worst. cause you were doing that to jocelyn. hahas.

sarahhhhling ;D ; tyty! me too. you stay cute too!

angel:} ; that's a bad time for you to ask me. lols.

sarahling ; tyty. i love them too ;D

angel ; how can i be online you never add me on msn oO.

-.- ; ty ?

CHERLY/sihui ; helloh. okay. sureee :D

Glenn ; uh. okay ?

armanda ; helloh! oh, sad, not same house, tyty, you too.

aLeFiYaH ; wah. dont need to use finally posting right. hahas.

astrid ; yoooooo!

hUiQi:] ; sureeee. npnp.

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