Thursday, July 3, 2008

uh. anyway, i wanna say about monday.

got chinese dance.
then before got recess.
wanwen play the mixing game.
she say no pictures but i took it.
posting it later.
then uncle gorilla saw he give us tissue to wipe the table.

uh. i got nothing.
went home and have tution ?

i went to yellow house dance prac.
then went to aunt ching fai house for tution.
at mandarin garden.
i know its so boring.
then my doggy just went home.
they shave alll of there hair.
ewwww. but still very cute.

mmm. that is today ?
yellow house dance prac was at 3-4; but majority people went home at 5.
that is why now im posting.
pamela came to our school!
she damn skinny.
skinnier then meeeeee!
and at 2-3, i went to playground and play.
THATSTUPIDNAVJEETgo pour water on my back,
when i never do anything except laughing at what kimmy and seika sayyyy.
then siti and other boys from 5 care was drinking redbull.
i was totally pissed.
i smell so bad.
cause of NAVJEETTT!
posting pictures nowwwww.

that is what wanwen madeeee.
my doggy eating at nightt! after they came bacckkk.
seeeee. my shirt wet lee. all cause of NAVJEET! i know its disgusting.
this is quarter of the people that cameeee.
i vandelise my legg ;D
theee endddd!
seriously. i very lazy to reply tags. next time.
byeeee :DDD

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