Friday, June 20, 2008

sorrrrry a million for not posting ?
too many tagss!
no time to tagg.
then now i tag.
maybe later i post the pictures.
cause my father coming back later.
i took some pic wit my niece, and my phone no bat, so i lended his.
and now he flew to beijing to do something ?
so today he is coming back.
i hate posting pic.
it takes time.
LOTs of time.
but. i got nothing to post.

went to the stupid chinese dance.
scolded by bai lao shi.

went to chinese dance.
bai lao shi dont care about me.
went home.
play maple.

FRIDAY; today.
uhh. went to school for chinese dance again.
nothing really happened.
cindy and wanwen did not come.
cindy got tution!
wanwen muscle pain.
today was damn fun.
then went to do hw and ended up here.
tomorrow having like 3 tutions.
lemme tell you the schedule D:
10am-12pm. tution;maths+english.
1pm-3pm. tution;maths+english+science.
3.45pm-6pm. tution;chinese.

so much right;right;righttt!
hate it yeahhhh.
noowwwwww, reply tagggsss;D

sarahling ; hahahs. but its short to me. never cut that short beforeeeeeee!

Poor Divined ; uh. okay ? oh shut the crap. RAWRRRRR!

aLeFiYaH ; hahas. helloh! okayyyy. but too lazy. so i'll just take a look;D

akuz ; uh helloh ?

zz ; oh shut up! you think i dont know who the hell you are rightttttt? bodoh! im not that stupid okayyy. at least i just passsss!

adele(: ; hahas. npnp. ahahhas. anythingg will do. sureeee;D

~~sherlyn~~ ; hahahas. she wont reply == its okayyy.

Liyi ; hahas. okayyyy.

guanhong ; hahahas! so coincidence. the same flight;D hahahs. me too!

adele(: ; anythingggggggg:D okay. thanks anyway.

passer ; uh. helloh!

{ TIATANx3 } ; hahas. okayy. link you laterr.

Guan hong ; yeahh. you lan lah. so early sleep.

Cheryl ; helloh. sure. laterrr on.

armanda(: ; helloh! tyty! sureeee. later onn. wasting time blogging + tagging. hahas. you too!

aLeFiYaH ; helloh! thankyou. sureee! np.

Jennifers mom ; oh shut up! thought you going to leave me a good tag. booo!

anti-Jennifer ; spam your head. i dont spam like youu!

xXmaplerxX ; helloh! why dont you put your name. people wont know youuuu. except your old friendddds ==

aLeFiYaH ; hahas. thanks for the scolding ? ;DD

./CINDY ; hellohs! npnp. again ? lols! yeahh. its so cute. i love it too. and of course. you toooo! my good jieeeee;DD

seika :D ; helloh seika mei! sorry, never pass to eling's mother. i will give you on monday. ;D

MINYEE :D ; heyyyy! sureee! sorry forgot. i thought i do it for the blog as i do it in friendster. psps! sorry. i love you laoporh tooo ^^

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