Saturday, June 28, 2008

the first day:D ; monday.

dont know what day, at the mtr==

dont know what day too== ; at the pub. somewhere there. wit aunt and walter;wes;jas.

on the tramp take wan.

at a shopping place. taking pic wit jas!

the sits. its like a toilet bowl but its not! jas leg my leg and walter's leg.

on the day when we go on the yolk! to fish and swim;D i only fished one fish== cause i went to play then after that i cannot le. so bad right!

the next day i think ; went to shenzheng to shop;manicure+pedicure(dont know how to spell lah. ==);and bodymassage! its like so fun.

the next day ; at MEGABOX! that's a shopping mall name;D

on the cruise! eating. seriously, the food sucks. i never even finish the food.

i lazy put more pictures. so not going to post anymore pictures.
actually got more.
but dont care.
oh whatever.
so sian.
now going to go out to lagona [dont know how to spell]
to eat japanese food;D

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