Monday, June 30, 2008

bloggys. just the sameeeeee ;D

helloh. again.
never post yesterday ==
cause came home late ?
yesterday, morning went to ecp to see ice's {MY PUPPY.} sister. called cream.
she look like a pug.
so cuteeeee ;D
then went home, slack. slept. too tired.
everynight sleep at 2. wake up and 9 something.
somemore saturday wake up at 8. and slept at 2 the same time.
then went to fetch miiwei to the orchid country club.
where miichiang is having competition.
lols! she's great at ballroom dance.
my parents asked me to join =="
she went in semi finals.
but in the end, she lost.
but she's still satisfied wit all the hard work.
went home like 11.30.
and blah blah.
i took one picture of miichiang only.
went she is making up.
then others is me and miiwei zilian.
that's the end.
posting pictures tomorrow.

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